Regain the Power of Sleep!
Wake Up Revived!

Regain the Power of Sleep!
Wake Up Revived!

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis L)

Used for the treatment of mild sleep disorders and nervous tension. Pharmacological application: anxiolytic or sedative/hypnotic activity, neurology activity

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.)

Has anxiolytic effects. Reported to clear stress by reducing symptoms of anxiety, alertness and agitation.

Linden flower (Tilia cordata Mill.)

Used in traditional medicine, primarily as a non-narcotic sedative for sleep disorders or anxiety. Tilia species, among which Tilia cordata Mill. is part of, have been used in folk medicine as anxiolytic. The anxiolytic activity of the Tilia species has been attributed to the presence of quercetin and kaempferol derivatives.


Losing the ability to sleep-in and sleep through is one of the main issues of a modern lifestyle, due to stress, tension and heavy workload. Insufficient sleep weakens the immune system and reduces the overall wellbeing and health.

This formulation of Valeriana officinalis L., Melissa officinalis L. and Tilia cordata Mill. supports the rebuilding of a normal sleeping pattern and gives back the joy of a restful sleep and a revitalized
waking up.

Restful Sleep is the Key
to a Successful Day!

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