Make a visible difference

Hyazol™ Eye Drops 0.4%

Relief of severe dry eye symptoms
  • Long-lasting effect – Prolonged comfort
  • Ideal for night use
  • Suitable during medication therapy

Hyazol™ Eye Drops 0.21%

Relief of mild to moderate
dry eye symptoms
  • Can be used by contact lens wearers
  • Ideal for use during the day
  • Suitable for symptoms of allergy

Alleviates dry eye symptoms

Moistens and lubricates the eye

Feeling of comfort and lubrication


Dry eye syndrome (DES) is a disease of the tear film and ocular surface that results discomfort, visual acuity disturbance and tear film instability.

Hyazol™ containing Sodium hyaluronate (also known as artificial tears) creates a protective film over the ocular surface.
In that way it removes the feeling of dryness, sandiness and irritation

Preservatives free
Safe for use up to 6 months
after first opening
Effectively disperses on the
eye’s surface
Medical Device Class 2
Economical and easy to use
Up to 350 sterile drops
Innovative Applicator

Fast Relief of Eye Discomfort

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